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First there is hope – that travel will turn him into a better person. Then came loss – the unexpected passing of his beloved grandma, just one month before departure, changing everything. Traveling around the world sounded like a fun way to grow, but now, for Nithin Coca, a young, idealistic, recent College graduate, it has turned into a whole lot more.

Nithin has staked his future on his grand voyage, one year through Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He believes traveling will help him overcome his naivete and shyness. Yet, he immediately struggles to fulfill his expectations, feeling lost among other travelers, including his high school travel mates. They are seeking very different notions of fun and growth. Nithin wonders if he truly is worthy of his grandma’s praise, how highly she spoke of him, her eldest grandson, to her relatives right before she died.

To thrive, he must overcome his fears and trust himself. So he breaks away from his friends to travel more slowly and quietly, and takes on new challenges; volunteering, teaching, learning how to be where he is. In Southeast Asia, the last leg of his trip, Nithin realizes that traveling is not a checklist of adventures, nor a catalog of stories. Traveling is intensely personal, each experience is only yours. Traveling Softly and Quietly is about that which we all want in our lives – meaning – through the tale of a young man seeking his purpose in life.