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Traveling Slowly and Quietly is 90,000 words long, has been professionally edited, and appeals to a mass-market audience. In particular, it will appeal to those interested in travel and culture. Though it will have particular strengths to those under the ages of 35, its focus on universal themes will endear it to men and women of all generations. Focused on trip around the world, yet, stylistically more of a memoir as it focuses on personal growth rather than place or travel. If you are interesting in representing or publishing this book, please contact me using the form below.

Interview me

I’m available for interviews about my book and travel in general. I have over three years of professional public relations experiences and had numerous media contacts at outlets including Atlantic Monthly, Glamour, Grist, The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times and Huffington Post. I can also speak at events, as I have extensive public speaking experience, having spoken at numerous conferences and given lectures both in the United States and abroad. Please contact me using the form below and I will respond to you promptly!


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